Binary Crap Clock

It has finally been released!

The Binary Crap Clock is yours to buy, breadboard or get printed. Everything is open source.

So if you have been following along with the creation of this beast you will already know that it is a CMOS driven clock that requires 2.7v-5.5v (ish).

It was inspired by those cheap seven segment clocks in acrylic cases only I didn’t want to use a micro-controller. So this crap clock uses CD4510, CD4027, CD4060 and the CD4081 to create a logic path for a Binary Coded Decimal display of a 24 hour clock.


I sell on Tindie



Parts list or bill of materials link

  • 1 x Pin header row, you need 7 pins minimum
  • 2 x Header jumpers
  • 1 x 32,768 crystal
  • 2 x 33pf through-hole capacitors
  • 1 x CD4060 SO16
  • 1 x CD4027 SO16
  • 1 x CD4081 SO16
  • 6 x CD4510 SO16


  • 1 x 10uf through-hole capacitor
  • 2 x Momentary buttons
  • 20 x 0805 470 ohm resistors
  • 4 x Diodes (doesn’t matter which ones really but they are through-hole)
  • 5 x 0805 10K ohm resistors
  • 1 x 0805 330K ohm resistors
  • 2 x 0805 6.3M ohm resistors
  • 6 x 100nf through-hole capacitors
  • 20 x 5mm LEDs
  • PCB Kinda needed unless you breadboard it up with all through-hole components.

Schematic and Board Layout (PDF 6MB)

binaryClockEagleFiles (ZIP 115KB)

Semi-tutorial/build video…

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