Arduino SMD LED MAtrix 8×8: The all-in-one board

The board was made just for a bit of fun…

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U-blox neo-6m GPS Module: Arduino NMEA Decoding

Decoding NMEA strings with a Uno over serial. U-blox Neo-6m…

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Arduino with: SIM800L GPRS GSM Module sending an SMS

SIM800L module – http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/281770955008?roken=cUgayN Code – http://www.davidjwatts.com/youtube/sim800l.ino Original code source…

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Arduino Infrared Reflectance: A bit of LED fun

Simple code here – https://github.com/mrdavidjwatts/IR_Reflectance

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SunSafe – LED solar powered safety light for your backpack, kids and pets

I threw it up on Hackaday – https://hackaday.io/project/6424-sunsafe-a-solar-powered-safety-light – Feel…

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Update Video 2: Upcoming Projects

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ESP8266 ArduinoConnectingnetworksonthego

ESP8266 + Arduino: Connecting to networks on the go

Short update to how far I have come with the…

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Arduino Zero Pro: Review and Debugging

This is a review of the Arduino Zero Pro from…

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Arduino Wifi – ESP8266: Schematic and Getting Started Code

Simple set up and code to help avoid the usual…

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Vintage Tech: Muirhead B-21-F Decade Condenser

Taking a quick look at this beautiful Muirhead Decade Condenser,…

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Vintage Tech: Sullivan T5000 Resistance Box

Taking a quick look at this old resistance box, I…

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Raspberry Pi 2: First impressions and comparison with the B+

A quick visual comparison between the Raspberry Pi 2, the…

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Audio Cube – Part 4

This is a die (Dice singular) that will let the…

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Bubble Display – HP QDSP 6064

I picked up these tiny bubble seven segment displays from…

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Audio Cube – Part 3

This is a die (Dice singular) that will let the…

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555 timer – Adjustable PWM generator

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Making a Vintage Edison Bulb Lamp

I fancied making a nerdy lamp, here it is and…

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Zero Current Low Voltage Cut Off and Latching Power Switch

This is a little circuit I have been playing around…

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Pololu: A-Star 32U4 Mini ULV

I picked this little developemt board from coolcomponents.co.uk, the A-Star…

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Arduino LM35 Temperature Sensor – ATtiny85 and an Analog Meter

I wanted to knock something up with the LM35 I…

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