DigiX Arduino all up in your grill: Getting Started and sever example

***Watch my previous DigiX video for more details about the specs.***

The DigiX from Digistump arrived over the holidays and despite some lovely customs charges I am thrilled that it is here. It is a fantastic alternative to the Due and Yun and I am a big supporter of custom boards and the maker community.

Even with my enthusiasm there are always drawbacks. The board, like the DUE, is still new and some libraries are not compatible. However, as the DUE and DigiX become more widely used the libraries and example code will populate the web. It also runs at 3.3v logic so you may well need some resistors or the level shifter shield to get your older 5v tech working.

Have fun and let me know what you think of the board.

You can pick it and the level shifter shield up here – http://digistump.com/

Here is my example PHP code – http://davidjwatts.com/youtube/example_digix.zip

Check out the DigiX forums here – http://digistump.com/board/

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