Bubble Display – HP QDSP 6064

I picked up these tiny bubble seven segment displays from Cool Components – They are cute little displays ideally suited to counters, watched or displaying your analog values. They can be really power efficient too, with a 2v drop on the segments I can calculate the resistance needed for around 0.5ma. 3v / 0.0005…

HC-06 (JY-MCU) Bluetooth Serial Module: Wiring and getting started

Finally got around to using the HC-06 (JY-MCU) Bluetooth Serial Module. It is incredibly simple to wire up and cheap too. I used it to connect a Arduino Leonardo and an Android tablet running Blueterm. My code (It is very simple): Blueterm+ Bluetooth Terminal program for Android:

Arduino Project: Cheap Wireless 433Mhz Transmitter and Receivers

A quick-ish run through of what I have started to do with the little £5 wireless transmitter and receivers that are like these – – just with a different board architecture but it seems the same components. I can send and receive multiple string and integer values and display and store the data.