HC-06 (JY-MCU) Bluetooth Serial Module: Wiring and getting started

Finally got around to using the HC-06 (JY-MCU) Bluetooth Serial Module. It is incredibly simple to wire up and cheap too. I used it to connect a Arduino Leonardo and an Android tablet running Blueterm. My code (It is very simple): Blueterm+ Bluetooth Terminal program for Android:

Adafuit 2.2″ SPI TFT (ILI9340) Display

This display is from, it is 3.3v-5v compatible and will read cards above 2GB. It is 320×240 and works over SPI (hardware or software defined) using the Adafruit library ( It is a very nice little display and widely available, it cost around £20 which is well worth paying rather than playing the Ebay…

DigiX Arduino all up in your grill: Getting Started and sever example

***Watch my previous DigiX video for more details about the specs.*** The DigiX from Digistump arrived over the holidays and despite some lovely customs charges I am thrilled that it is here. It is a fantastic alternative to the Due and Yun and I am a big supporter of custom boards and the maker community.…