Atomic Time with the 60kHz MSF Time Signal Receiver

I picked up a 60kHz MSF Time Signal Receiver from PV Electronics after I came across this brilliant library and explaination This article was all I needed to get started thankfully.

The MSF Time Signal is broadcast from NPL in the UK from Anthorn in Cumbria but similar signal are broadcast all over the world.

I threw together a simple example without any indepth explaination but hopefully it will be enough to pique your interest.

I had a bit of a cold so this I was a little sluggish.

2 comments for “Atomic Time with the 60kHz MSF Time Signal Receiver

  1. Paul McKillop
    April 16, 2015 at 15:25

    Hi David,

    I’ve received the decoder from PV electronics. You say in the video that you altered the code quite a bit. Have you published the code and the pinouts anywhere?

    Many thanks


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